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The Hose Advantage Store - Mesa
320 E. Baseline

(480) 497-5800

The Hose Advantage Store - East

3526 E. Broadway Road
(602) 437-1245

Monday - Friday
7:30am -5:00pm
9:00am - 1:00pm

The Hose Advantage Store - West

835 N. 43rd Avenue
(602) 233-9910

Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm
Closed Saturday

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Lubrication Equipment & Supply
3526 E. Broadway Road
(602) 437-1245


On your site or in your plant,
We come to you 24/7!

Removal • Assembly • Replacement

We support your mechanic. He diagnoses the problem and calls The Hose Advantage Store, formerly The Phoenix ParkerStore. Then he takes the hose off. The Hose Doctor arrives on site, makes the hose and your mechanic puts it back on. You save downtime and trips to the hose shop.

Better still, free up your mechanic to do what only he can do. Your mechanic diagnoses the problem, calls The Hose Advantage Store and then goes on to the next job. The Hose Doctor arrives and your hose job is done quickly, getting your equipment back in service. Your mechanic has been freed up to service the next piece of equipment.

The Hose Advantage Store professionals are on call and will be at your site in 45 minutes. Our vans carry nearly 500 part numbers and have what it takes to get your equipment operating fast – 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

The Hose Doctor vans carry hose and fittings – JIC, Metric, Pipe, DIN, British
and SAE – and adapters for full range of pressures, temperatures and applications.

Now available the Hose Advantage Store
Total Hose & Fitting Shop

No trips to the hose shop.
No second trips because the hose didn’t fit.

You have a crimper and an inventory
of fittings, adapters and hose. But:

  • Do you have the two ends you need –or only one?
  • Do you have the parts for the equipment you just bought? 
  • Are your parts bins full of fittings for the equipment you just sold?
  • Is your trained individual on another job? Or should he be?
  • Why tie up your money in obsolete inventory?
  • Why spend valuable time training hose builders?
  • Why let your job sit while you haul equipment back to the shop?

Done Right – On Site - 24-7

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